Need Help Choosing a Towbar?

With so many makes and models of vehicles and such a vast variety of towbar brands to choose from it can be a lengthy process to search out which is the most compatible and ultimately will it fit when I get it home?

The most convenient way to find out which towbar will best suit your particular vehicle is to chat with someone who has already done the research for you to give you the best offer and at the best price.

A new Towbar can be sourced and ordered online through West of Scotland Towbar & Fitting Service you can choose to have your new Towbar mailed to you and you can also choose to use our Professional Fitting Service if required.

You can request a free qoute any time on Telegram and then wait for a member of the team to get back to you with a price and including delivery and fitting cost.

Towbars should be checked regularly and any electrical hook ups should also be checked regularly and routinely before use.

Towbar Maintenance
There is generally little to no maintenance other than routine safety checks and electrical testing for the trailer board or caravan lights. Normally these tests are carried out at each M.O.T. but it is also important to test the electrics frequently for yourself, for your own safety and the safety of other road users.

If your vehicle has a towbar fitted already but has not recently been checked for safety, you can book a safety inspection at your local garage or get in touch with West of Scotland Towbars.

Have your Towbar delivered to your home or work place: Choose to fit it yourself or have it fitted by a qualified skilled vehicle technician.

For a Free No Obligation Quote Visit West of Scotland Towbars & Fitting Service

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