Get an IVI before you Buy!

Why get an IVI? Independent Vehicle Inspection: When you are looking to purchase a second hand vehicle it is good practice to ask the seller if it would be ok to arrange an independent inspection before making a decision. This way you can get a clear view of the overall vehicle condition before you make a decision to buy.

You can arrange an IVI with any Qualified Vehicle Technician who offers this service.

If you are considering purchasing or selling a second hand vehicle you can book and purchase an IVI for prior to commencing with a sale, a detailed report and evaluation of the vehicle will help you decide if it is value for money or if it requires any further work to bring it up to it’s best condition.

Nearly all second hand cars have minor faults, scratches or dents, an IVI will help you to evaluate the cost to repair any minor cosmetic issues as well as over the overall vehicle condition. This includes tyres, brakes, engine, gearbox, suspension, general vehicle condition and all safety aspects inside and out. An IVI is more detailed and more time consuming than an M.O.T. and should never be compared to an M.O.T. An IVI offers a deeper evaluation of the vehicle.

Any Good Professional Car Dealership or Retailer will have already made sure that the vehicle is fit for purpose before use, however an IVI is still worth considering.

The cost of the IVI will depend on the type of vehicle in question as to whether it is a standard car, van or light commercial vehicle.


Q: How long does it take to carry out an Independent Vehicle Inspection?
A: It depends on the condition of the vehicle and if it is a standard car, van or other light commercial but generally around 2 hours sometimes a little longer.

Q: Do I get a print out of my detailed IVI report?
A: You will receive a pdf report sent directly to your email upon completion where you will then be able to save, store and print the report.

Q: Why get an IVI?
A: You’ll get to find out more than just the service history of the vehicle with a completely unbiased detailed report of it’s current and present condition to help you evaluate it’s cost and to offer piece of mind.

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